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Reutech Land Rogue Remote Weapon Station

The Land Rogue remote control weapon from Reutech Solutions is the ideal gyro-stabilised weapon for overhead use on military vehicles that need to reduce risk to the operator as well as remain mobile while under fire. This remote control weapon includes fire direction system software that facilitates accurate firing at moving targets.

It comes standard with a 12.7 mm Browning M2 machine gun. Malaysia selected this turret for its Deftech AV8 Gempita as a Remote Weapon Station (RWS) variant; 54 units ordered. Malaysia requested a standardized turret comparable to the other Gempita Denel weapon stations, in regards to:

  • The Human machine interface
  • Similar electro-optical sights
  • 76mm Smoke grenade launchers

Source: Reutech delivering Land Rogue turrets for Malaysia

🇲🇾Malaysia Deftech AV8 Gempita Reutech RWS

Denel LCT 30 ATGW

The GI-30 is a uniquely externally driven electro-mechanical cannon, utilising a drum cam to cycle the breech to the chamber rounds and extract spent cartridges, thus minimising gasses in the confines of a turret and facilitates controlled firing rate. It is designed to fire link-less 30 millimetre X 173 ammunition through a dual feeder.

As a single-shot weapon, it is also unique for its sniper mode of operation. It is fired from a closed breach position, which offers more accurate fire due to no movement taking place immediately before the round is fired. GI 30 is fully stabilised and has a computerised fire control system that enables targets to be engaged under day & night conditions with high first shot round hit probability even when the vehicle is moving.

Another unique feature of the GI-30 is that of next round selection. Having two feeders, with general ammunition on the right hand and specialist types on the other, the weapon allows the operator to select a specific round, without first firing off or ejecting an unwanted round.

The features of the LCT 30 ATGW proudly boast of the following:

  • 4 x Ingwe 127mm missile launchers integrated (1000mm RHA penetration after ERA)
  • Laser beam riding missile
  • Missile firing on moving targets


Photo: 🇲🇾Malaysian Deftech AV8 Gempita with LCT 30 ATGW turret

Side view: