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Reutech RSR 210N 2D Radar

The RSR 210N is a highly accurate multi-purpose 2D radar capable of general surveillance, ship self- defence, gun fire support and helicopter support roles. The system’s light-weight two-axis stabilised antenna is specifically designed to perform efficiently under the harsh environmental conditions encountered in Arctic theatres of operation. Furthermore, the pulse Doppler signal processing facilitates the detection of small, fast moving targets under complex weather, sea and land clutter conditions, thereby enhancing performance in a ship self-defence role. As demanded by true naval radar operation, a robust electronic counter-countermeasures suite ensures capabilities retention even under a hostile electromagnetic environment.

🇳🇴Norwegian Frigate Helge Ingstad (F313) – Radar: top left. Photo: (c) M J Anahory

🇳🇴HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen (F310) : Reutech RSR 210N radar top right. Photo Source