Denel Bateleur FV2 Multiple Rocket Launcher

The Bateleur FV2 is the main Multiple Launch Rocket System of the SANDF artillery arm. Its development started in the early-1980s and ended in 1986, with 51 eventually built and introduced into service in 1989. The Bateleur FV2 is built on a mine protected SAMIL-100 Kwêvoël chassis which features a V-shaped hull to deflect mine blasts. The vehicle is powered by a Magirus Dutz F10L 413F which produces 268hp @2500r/min. The rocket pack can elevate to a maximum of 50° and traverse 90° left and 19° right dependent on the elevation. The rocket launching tubes are grouped in two 5×4 racks. Each tube houses a 127 mm rocket which is 2.95 m long, weighs 62 kg and can reach a maximum of 22km. A full rocket salvo lasts 20 seconds.

Source article: Dewald Venter


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