Casspir MK3 with M40 Anti-Tank 106mm Recoilless Rifle

The history of the Casspir Mine-Protected Vehicle (MPV) can be traced to the original MK1 MPV built from 1979 onward. By the late 1980’s the requirement for a heavy-duty MPV-platform resulted in the MK3 being designed and qualified. In keeping with its primary requirement the MK3 is field repairable after a TM-57 mine blast, and can handle a maximum blast of 18kg-20kg of TNT or RDX.

An alternative to conventional anti-tank vehicles, the mine-protected and wheeled Casspir MK3 is combined with a US-made Watervliet Arsenal M40 106mm anti-tank Recoilless Rifle. Besides for a troop compartment and a 7.62mm machine gun for self-protection, provision is made to carry 12 HEAT rounds at full capacity.

32 Units were manufactured for the South African Defence Force (SANDF).

Sources: Casspir MPVs / Wiki:Casspir

*Note: Current ownership of the Casspir range belongs to Denel Land Systems : Denel Mechem, although credit for the original Casspir design goes to CSIR – Applied Chemistry Unit that later became MECHEM.

Photo: S.A. Armed Forces Day 2016-Nelson Mandela Bay / By Andrew de la Harpe

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