BAE SA / IGG UAE Agrab MK2 120mm Mobile Mortar System

The Agrab MK2 is a South African designed 120mm Mobile Mortar System. It is derived from the BAE RG-31 base combined with the Singapore Technologies Kinetics 120mm Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System. It includes navigation and GPS units as well.

The vehicle has mine and ballistic protection. For self-protection it has a .50 calibre rifle and grenade launchers.

A total of 46 bombs can be stored in the carousels. It has a firing range from 8km – and a maximum of over 12km – depending on whether HE or standard Rheinmetall Denel Munitions mortar ammunition is used.

The final product is a joint venture between BAE SA and IGG in the United Arab Emirates. As of 2016 UAE had taken delivery of 96 units.

🇦🇪UAE Agrab MK2 MMS

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