Rippel Effect XRGL40 MGL

Rippel Effect designed its handheld 40mm XRGL40®extended range grenade launcher as a lightweight area weapon and force multiplier for extreme firepower and non-lethal applications.

This 4th generation 40mm MGL fires both standard 40 x 46mm low-velocity (LV) type rounds and medium velocity (MV) 40 x 51mm ammunition, as well as less-lethal grenades without reconfigurating the weapon.

Favored by infantry grenadiers, marines and special operations forces in close quarters combat (CQC), it is also ideal for peacekeepers and law enforcement agencies whose operations often preclude the use of excessive force.

Weighing 5 kg (11 lb) the Rippel Effect extended range 40mm MGL is lighter and more compact than any other NATO qualified 40mm MGL on the market today. Despite its light weight, the extended range 40mm MGL’s recoil falls well within the international TOP-3-2-504 specification.

Fully qualified and in service in numerous countries worldwide, the XRGL40® was independently verified to hit targets consistently and accurately at 800m ranges. It can also be used in a pinpoint role at ranges up to 250m. The optimal sighting system for use on the XRGL40® MGL is Rippel Effect’s own electronically programmable multi-velocity GR40® that distinguishes between different ammunition types.

🇵🇪Peruvian soldier with the XRGL40 MGL

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