Rippel Effect MSGL40 MGL

The Rippel Effect compact lightweight 4th generation MSGL40® is a 40mm multi-shot grenade launcher (40mm MGL) for firing 40 x 46mm low velocity grenades as well as less-lethal ammunition not longer than 140mm.

Fully qualified and in production, this 40mm MGL weapon system is ideal for warfighter operations in close quarters combat (CQC), military peacekeeping and law enforcement. Designed as an area weapon, it is best matched with Rippel Effect’s compact all-weather CRAR32™reflex sighting system.

Favored by infantry grenadiers, marines and special operations (SO) forces, it is a true force multiplier, delivering six standard 40x46mm low-velocity (LV) type rounds in less than three seconds at ranges up to 400m (1,300 ft) in a terminal area of 20m x 60m (66 ft x 197 ft). In pinpoint roles the MSGL40® is accurate at ranges up to 150m (500 ft).

It weighs 5 kg, approximately the same weight as most modern assault rifles fitted with an under-barrel grenade launcher.

🇫🇷French GIGN with MSGL40 MGL

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