Truvelo SR 20×110 Anti Materiel Sniper Rifle

Truvelo has recently added the 20×110 Anti Material Sniper Rifle to its range of small arms. Due to the large calibre, this rifle is absolutely unique  and Truvelo is one of the few weapon manufacturers in the world to design and produce a sniper in this calibre. The rifle tripod mount has built in recoil dampers to help reduce the rifle’s recoil. Due to this the sniper will be able to shoot even this large calibre rifle with ease.

Electronic guidance and communications equipment and GPS and radar systems, which are found on modern tanks and medium to heavy skinned vehicles, can be eliminated with this specialised rifle. Design features include a fully adjustable recoil assembly, adjustable grip, adjustable cheek piece,  stanag picatinni rails and adjustable tripod.

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