Denel LCT 30 ATGW

The GI-30 is a uniquely externally driven electro-mechanical cannon, utilising a drum cam to cycle the breech to the chamber rounds and extract spent cartridges, thus minimising gasses in the confines of a turret and facilitates controlled firing rate. It is designed to fire link-less 30 millimetre X 173 ammunition through a dual feeder.

As a single-shot weapon, it is also unique for its sniper mode of operation. It is fired from a closed breach position, which offers more accurate fire due to no movement taking place immediately before the round is fired. GI 30 is fully stabilised and has a computerised fire control system that enables targets to be engaged under day & night conditions with high first shot round hit probability even when the vehicle is moving.

Another unique feature of the GI-30 is that of next round selection. Having two feeders, with general ammunition on the right hand and specialist types on the other, the weapon allows the operator to select a specific round, without first firing off or ejecting an unwanted round.

The features of the LCT 30 ATGW proudly boast of the following:

  • 4 x Ingwe 127mm missile launchers integrated (1000mm RHA penetration after ERA)
  • Laser beam riding missile
  • Missile firing on moving targets

Photo: 🇲🇾Malaysian Deftech AV8 Gempita with LCT 30 ATGW turret

Side view:

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