Denel T5-52 155mm Truck Mounted Howitzer

The weapon system is a 155mm, 52 calibre Truck-mounted Gun-Howitzer. The inherent indirect fire flexibility ensures that it can be employed in the traditional gun, howitzer and mortar roles. The weapon system has excellent tactical and road strategic mobility and has a range of 600 km without refuelling at speeds of up to 85 km/h.

The ordnance has been optimised for the 52 calibre 155mm ballistic system. The projectiles are the extended range type and provide an increased range and target effectiveness when compared with existing systems. Using base bleed projectiles, the weapon has a range of 42,5 km at sea level. NATO and other ammunition can be fired, after consultation with the supplier.

The system is powered by a 265 kW turbocharged diesel engine coupled to a 10-speed manual gearbox, and a 2-speed transfer gearbox. A central tyre inflation system is fitted, which allows for the inflation and deflation of the wheels, while both static and on the move.

A hydraulic system, driven by PTO’s on the gearbox, supply hydraulic power for the deployment of the outriggers and the top-carriage hydraulics.

The system carries 27 on board projectiles and 26 on-board charges. A crew of four is needed to bring the gun into or out of action within 60 seconds. In the event that the power unit of the hydraulic system fails, another T5-52 can be used as a back-up system, enabling the crew to bring the T5-52 into action.

The T5-52 has an operating crew of four crew members, and two crew members to prepare and supply the ammunition. The elevating mass consists of the ordnance, the cradle with an integrated buffer system, and the ammunition handling and ramming system.

The ordnance consists of the monoblock barrel fitted with a double baffle muzzle brake, a swing and slide breech mechanism and an electrically activated firing mechanism. The Command and Control System, consisting of the Automatic Laying and Navigation System, Telecommunication System, Muzzle Velocity Radar System and Gun Management Computer are used to lay the gun for indirect fire.

A panoramic optical-mechanical sight is mounted directly to the trunnion, incorporating a compensation system for trunnion cant, which forms a backup for indirect fire. A telescopic sight for direct fire is mounted to the compensation system and gives a direct fire range of up to 3000m.

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